Pete Pagonis

Starting out playing in hard rock and heavy, I mean heavy metal bands in Chicago, Pete moved to LA to begin his music filled journey. After playing with quite a few bands and jamming with notables like Tom Morrello and Brendan Benson, Pete put away his drum sticks for 7 years. “I had hit the wall pursuing a career in music and saw the industry shriveling up, that and my Tinnitus was so bad I thought it was time to stop.”

After doing some casual jams with some old friends on his visits back to Chicago. Pete decided to get a little beater kit and find a casual thing. “I wanted to just find some good guys that were good musicians. I also decided if I was going to play again I wanted to play in a style that was more in the vein of the bands I grew up on like Zeppelin, Sabbath etc…. I wanted to play drums in a more open way ala John Bonham, Bill Ward, Mitch Mitchell. Those guys were going for it but in a musical way and still had a great feel. My goal is to make your head always move or you could shake your ass. So I placed an ad stating all this and what did I get. I got f@#king IDLEWAR!”

Who are your musical influences? 

John Bonham, Les Binks (Judas Priest), Simon Phillips, Steve Jordan (even though I can’t play like him.)

If you could be on tour with any band, who would it be?

Foo Fighters (nice big rock audience) or Clutch.

If stranded on a deserted island, which 5 records would he bring?

Sinatra – Live at the Sands, Beatles –  White Album, Black Crowes – Amorica, Cheap Trick – Live at Metro (technically it’s 4 records), Bach – Adagios (to help me from freaking out being on a desert island).

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