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now-im-a-warriorJoin The Street Team!

Members of the street team…

  • Pass out fliers and stickers at tours
  • Hang up posters at retail shops and festivals
  • Assist in online missions
  • Participate in exclusive contests
  • Have access to other exclusive content
  • Are just awesome in general

Street Teaming is where it all begins. IDLEWARRIORS are crucial in the plan for IDLEWAR world domination!

Help promote IDLEWAR online & in the streets from music to tours and everything in between! To join, send an email to for more information.

IDLEWARRIORS is a group of people passionate about fash rushing soul rock and music in general. These WARRIORS are willing to spend time promoting for their favorite band.


  • Maintaining awesomeness at all (ok, most) times.
  • Requesting, organizing, and distributing promotional materials.
  • Assisting in the set up and breakdown of appearances.
  • Online promotion, including social media posts and shares of materials such as videos and announcements.
  • Recruiting and training of other IDLEWARRIORS.

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