Dig In

Rick Graham – Guitar / James Blake – Bass, Vocals  |  Pete Pagonis – Drums

With great anticipation after the very well received debut EP release Dig In. Idlewar is back with the release of it’s first full length LP entitled Impulse for Sept 30th on PHM. With the basic tracks for 9 of the 10 songs recorded in just two days, the tenth being from a previous session. Idlewar continues on with a record that has a raw power that comes across sonically and in performance. The record shows the growth of this new band with a widened scope while still remaining quite firmly planted in a heavy hard rock genre. The writing process has become easier between the three of us. Initially there was a feeling out process. Once you feel more comfortable, it opens things up says drummer Pete Pagonis who produced the record. The record was given it’s final sonic punch being mastered by Brian Lucey (Black Keys, Arctic Monkeys, Ghost)

Fusing of old and new with the likes of AC/DC, Clutch, Soundgarden, Royal Blood, Foo Fighters etc…. This is not a reinvention of the wheel. It is well constructed no nonsense hard and heavy rock songs.

Following the surge from the UK with the support of Planet Rock Radio and Classic Rock. Idlewar is off for it’s first UK tour in late November which will include Planet Rock Stock Festival.

Gaining an organic and passionate following continues to happen with the band. There are only great things to come for Idlewar.

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